Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sweep the Shelves and Stock the Freezer

It was a sad day when I heard twinkies would be no more and then I was devastated when it clicked that this was also the end for snowballs.  This seems trivial that I am sitting in Kenya with pangs in my heart writing about the discontinuation of a silly snack cake.
BUT, Snowballs have been a huge part of my childhood.  For as long as I can remember, my dad, brother, and I have shared this delicious snack cake.  (I don’t recall my sisters being too crazy about them.)  Snowballs are more than the cream filling inside a chocolate mound with marshmallow covered in coconut. 
Snowballs were for good days, for bad days, rainy days and sunny days.  They were for celebrations after winning a softball game, they were for making bruises and scrapes hurt a little less.  They were for sharing over board games; they were a quick dessert after dinner.  Snowballs hold a special place in my heart but really it has always been about the people I was sharing them with.  While I enjoy snowballs, they have never been a snack that I eat alone.  They have always been connected to those I share them with.  It was a happy day when my nephew, Roman, enjoyed them as much as I did (but really what food doesn’t that kid like?)  They were for special occasions or no occasions at all, they were for just because.  I just picked up a box from the posta from my Dad and Karyl.  They sent it to me before this life altering news hit and do you know what was in there….


They are instant happiness and childhood memories remembered.  They are so much more than a snack cake. 

Dad – Sweep the shelves and freeze them for me. 

And yes, I totally did just blog about this.  I apologize that you even opened this blog post. 

But seriously why am I not there, in America, to gorge myself with snowballs over the fact they are soon to be extinct. 
You know what would make this news easier to swallow.  Yep, exactly.  A snowball. 

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  1. Dear Sarah,
    Wonderful post. This calls for a snowball. I'm looking for a larger freezer to sweep the shelves and save us a lifetime supply of these great relationship tools.